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This is a collection of blogs, books, articles, and resources that can help you, me, or anyone looking to build a software business. I will constantly update this page as soon as I get something interesting.

Saturday, 4 February 2023

Before I got interested in building web applications and indie hacking, I was into cybersecurity and hacking. That interest didn't hold up for long because I stumbled upon this article on Twitter and my views changed.

The next frontier after remote work is async

It is not this article that made me change my view but the entire blog and the rabbit hole that I fell into after reading a couple of blogs from Levels.


Raising funds is cool, but it is not for everyone or every situation. What option do you have?


Here is an article by the founder of Jotforms as he talks about how bootstrapped Jotforms from $0 to $10 million.

From 0 to 10M Users with $0 Funding

Shiping software

The 37signal team talks about how and when to ship.

Seven Shipping Principles

Skin in the game

Are you building to keep or building to flip?

37signal/Basecamp team talk about staying longer in the game. Until the End of the Internet